Platform Tennis Anyone?

Written by: Matt Ten Haken, Director of Sports Marketing 

Tucked nicely behind the Best Western Premier Bridgewood Hotel and Resort in Neenah you will find two small tennis courts raised about four feet off the ground. The casual observer may wonder why the courts are so tiny, why they are raised up off the ground, and why they are surrounded by wire fence about 20 feet high. The answer, is Platform Tennis. Popular in the Chicago area and on the East Coast, Platform Tennis has been played in the Fox Cities by a small group of loyalists since the 1980s. Two years ago the courts were constructed on the grounds of the Bridgewood in order to help grow the wintertime sport.

Yes, I said winter! The prime season for Platform Tennis is October through March, which covers Wisconsin’s windiest, coldest, and snowiest season. But that’s the point! Platform Tennis is a terrific sport to get you moving during the winter months, the raised floors have heaters to remove the snow and ice. The constant movement of the game allows you to play year round with minimal cold weather gear, and with the Bridgewood’s Ground Round Bar & Grill right next to the courts, you can head inside for grab drinks & food and warm up or cool down with fellow players comfortably after your match.

IMG_3534The Convention and Visitors Bureau staff recently gave Platform Tennis a try. None of us had ever played before, but we all had a great time! Players of any skill level and age can enjoy this sport. Leagues and memberships are available or if you just want to rent out a court for an hour with friends and give it a try, you can do that as well. For more information and details visit their website!


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