Family Fun at Mulberry Lane Farm!

Matt's Fam-Mulberry Lane2

Written By: Matt Ten Haken, Director of Sports Marketing

Now is the time to take your family to Mulberry Lane Farm!

We took our family and met some friends at Mulberry Lane Farm back in the beginning of June and had a great time. Located just east of Sherwood, it’s a great place for your little ones to get to know more about their favorite farm animals, but it is also a great time for parents and grandparents as well.

Led by Farmer Emma, our group chased chickens, held baby goats, played with the pigs, pet the lambs, rode the ponies, milked a cow, and took a hay ride.

After an hour long tour of the Matt's Fam-Mulberry Lanefarm, we were able to go back to the animals we really liked or explore some other areas of the farm at our leisure. We played with the goats some more because they were a lot of fun, then we also held baby kittens, bunnies, chicks, and ducklings. Afterwards, we had a nice picnic lunch and played on the tractors and the massive tractor tires that were stacked up like a fort.

After three hours of fun on the farm, our 4 year-old and 2 year-old were so tired they were asleep before we even got back into Sherwood. It was a great day on the farm and I would highly recommend taking your family there. For more information, go to:


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