Appleton’s 65th Annual Flag Day Parade

Written by: Alison Hutchinson, Convention Sales and Marketing Representative

It is clear to see why Appleton’s Flag Day Parade has such a long running. I attended the parade this past Saturday with my daughter. Although the weather was a little overcast and rainy, the patriotic spirit was definitely in the air. We sat next to a family that was dressed in red, white and blue, proudly clapping and waving at everyone in the parade.

20150613_143125Parade attendees came out to honor the flag. The City of Appleton has been celebrating for 65 years. Their float displayed several American flags with many veterans in the crowd as well as in the parade. The Navy Reserves marched by, proudly displaying their banner recognizing 100 years for their branch.

Military bands and high school bands marched proudly while playing familiar patriotic songs. My favorite was the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing Band. They looked sharp and sounded great too.



There were many modes of transportation that passed by, old and new. From horses to cars, fire engines to military vehicles. One of my favorites was the horse-drawn funeral coach. It was a silent symbol to recognize those who have sacrificed for our country.

20150613_143417  20150613_144049

Although, you will not get candy from this Flag Day parade, you will get a sense of pride and patriotism that will resound with you for a long time. It is fantastic to have such an honorable celebration in our area.


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