Downtown Appleton Farm Market Brings You Farm to Market to Table

We love our Appleton Farm Market!

Appleton Downtown

Farm to market to table – Downtown Appleton Farm Market

FarmMarket-PlacePin-180x180The farm-to-table concept emphasizes simply prepared food made of locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. Appleton Downtown, Inc. (ADI) has embraced and expanded on the idea by inserting the market into the equation. ADI’s year-round Farm Market brings seasonal fruits and vegetables, fresh meats and cheeses, breads and baked goods, and other artisan foods to local forks.

Whitey's Produce cropped

As the farm-to-table trend spreads, communities are seeing the benefits — both nutritional and environmental — of buying and eating locally. By purchasing locally harvested food selections, chefs and consumers:

  • Improve the financial well-being of small and local farms
  • Maintain food’s natural health and nutritive characteristics
  • Reduce the environmental impact and carbon footprint of transporting food
  • Add to the local economy
  • The farm-to-table movement encourages quality and simplicity over ease and accessibility.

The Downtown Appleton Farm Market is one of the largest in the state…

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