The Richeson Art School and Gallery: A Hidden Gem

Written By: Alison Hutchinson, Convention Sales and Marketing Representative

Tucked away in a business park in Kimberly, sits the Richeson Art School and Gallery. Even though it can be seen as you pass on Hwy 441, the building, with it’s warehouse shape, tends to blend into it’s surroundings, but once you step inside you are taken to another place. When I visited I felt as though I was in a fine art gallery in a large city, and the best part; it’s free to visit!

Upon entering I headed to my left to view the exhibit titled, “A Century of Painting with Phil Sealy & R.E. Jelinski, Two Men x 50 years = A Century of Painting”. The exhibit celebrates the creative talent of two local artists, Phil Sealy and R.E. Jelinski, whom have spent the past 50 years developing their styles of work. Both artists work in water based media to create their spectacular works of art. Their work was beautifully displayed, and I enjoyed their interpretations of nature’s beauty.

Richeson Art photo 2Richeson Art Photo

In addition to  this exhibit, I strolled through the gallery to view additional pieces from new and unknown artists, and where they also have over 200 pieces from the Richeson family on display. Near the center of the gallery is the classroom for the art school where they offer several classes and workshops throughout the year, and if you’re visit to the gallery happens to inspire you to paint or if you are already a skilled artist, they sell supplies as well. Located near the main entrance for you to shop, they have everything from paints and brushes; to easels and instructional books on how to paint. 

Take some time to visit and enjoy this hidden gem located right here in the Fox Cities, I’m glad I did! Visit their website to find out more details and information about what they have to offer!


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