Eagle Sightings at 1000 Islands Environmental Center!

Written By: Kim Tisler, Director of Operations

While it may be tempting to burrow in when our days are short, and where it’s warm when our temperatures hover around zero, a trip to 1000 Islands Environmental Center will cure even the worst of your winter blues, and have you feeling renewed and invigorated.  Seven miles of trails along the Fox River invite visitors to experience hiking, snowshoeing, birding and special to this time of year, eagle sightings. During 1000 Island’s Annual Eagle Days 1000IslandsAdrianCelebration, there were free activities including;  hands-on eagle activities, an account of the return of bald eagles to the Fox Valley, informational sessions, and trips out to the river to experience eagle sightings.  For those that missed the event this year, held on Jan. 17, head out to 1000 Islands in the next few weeks, and take your own hike down the trail.  You’re sure to see eagles in great abundance.  Bring your camera and a good lens!  (Sunrise and sunset are the best times for potential sightings)  Winter is a wonderful time to experience some of nature’s greatest wonders, but you can enjoy all there is to offer throughout the year. Visit 1000 Islands Environmental Center website for more info and to see events they have going on throughout the year. 1000IslandsLookout1000IslandsTrail


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