Dining on the shore of Lake Winnebago

ImagePosted by: Karen Treml, Visitor Services Coordinator

Need to relax and unwind?  On a summer evening, in the Fox Cities, one of my favorite spots is visiting Waverly Beach on the north shore of Lake Winnebago.  The views can be breathtaking, with sailboats in the distance, High Cliff to your east, and the Neenah area to your west.  While we were dining, I noticed two wave runners anchored near the shore and a pontoon boat had just anchored with two couples that walked into shore for drinks and dinner.

Monday – Thursday is Mexican Madness from 3pm-close at the Tiki Bar and lower patio. There are frozen margaritas, pina coladas, strawberry daiquiri’s, and Corona all on special.  The menu has a great list of sandwich specials and the serve food daily starting at 11am.  So if you looking for a place to soak in all the sun and beauty of Lake Winnebago I would recommend this spot.  Enjoy!   www.waverlybeach.com.


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