Jack E. Richeson & Co, Inc.

By: Kelly Ann Hekler, Convention Sales Manager

Calling all artists!  Jack E. Richeson & Co., Inc. is truly a hidden gem in the Fox Cities! They offer a wonderful art studio, gallery and school.  They also offer classes of all levels, even to people like me who can’t even draw a stick figure!  There is truly so much to see in the 25,000 square foot gallery!

The gallery is divided into thirds.  In one third, the Richeson family displays their collection with over 200 paintings on display year round.  I personally do not have a huge understanding of art, however; I was really able to appreciate the talent displayed.  Another third is reserved for well-known contemporary painters.  The final third is for new and unknown painters.  This section features artists from all over the country and even some locals!  It was great to see the undiscovered talent and what they can create.  It was especially interesting to see some of the local artists’ work and the local areas that were featured in their paintings.  Some of the paintings are for sale and would be a great showpiece in any home.

In the middle of the gallery, a classroom is set up for local painters to come in and paint, chat and talk about their work.  They have local teachers and also, once a month, a national known painter teaches special workshops.  If you are new to painting and don’t yet have supplies, there are some supplies available for use.

The Jack E. Richeson & Co, Inc. even makes their own painting supplies like canvas, paints, palettes, brushes and easels.  They sell to a lot of different stores across the country but they do have a store in the warehouse where local artists can buy direct from the manufacturer.  There is also space for meetings and business receptions, what a fun place to host a meeting!

I would encourage all to visit Jack E. Richeson & Co., Inc. They are located on Marcella Street, not too far from the Hilton Garden Inn in Appleton, in a business and industrial park.  For more information and directions, check out their website or their Facebook page. Maybe you will become inspired and one day people will be looking at your work displayed in their gallery!


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