Mary’s Place Chicken Chili

The Fox Cities area is well known for its restaurants.  We’ve got many of the national chains and dozens of great locally owned restaurants, including plenty with an ethnic flavor.  But sometimes all you want is a family restaurant, and when that happens I head to Mary’s Place in Appleton. 

Last Tuesday was one of those times.  I worked late and needed a quick supper before my 7 PM meeting.  I’ve written before about their yummy chicken dumpling soup, which is what I had in mind when I arrived, but chicken chili was the evening special so I chose that.  For less than $6 I got a generous portion of delicious white chicken chili with crispy tortilla triangles and my choice of side dishes.  I wholeheartedly recommend it! 

There are two Mary’s Place Restaurants, one on N. Richmond Street and another one on S. Oneida Street.


3 thoughts on “Mary’s Place Chicken Chili

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