Little Chute Windmill

If there are Wisconsin communities with a stronger Dutch heritage than Little Chute, it’s hard to imagine.  It’s a village where names like Vandenboom, Vanderheyden and Vandenwymelenberg are common, and where the most common lawn ornament is a tiny windmill. 

A number of dedicated Dutch or “honorary Dutch” volunteers have spent the last few years raising money and acquiring land on which to build a real windmill in downtown Little Chute, and their vision is about to become a reality.  In fact, the base of the new windmill is under construction and the windmill parts – built in the Netherlands – are in storage across town.  Although it doesn’t look all that huge in this picture, the windmill will stand 10 stories tall when its “sail” is in the upright position.

It’s scheduled to be operational in fall of 2012.  You’ll not only be able to go right into the windmill and see it grinding grain.  Sounds like great fun for kids and grown-ups!


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